Search Engine Optimization

SEO isn’t magic, it’s sweat. We can talk about all of the search engines out there Yahoo, Bing,, DuckDuckGo, Twitter, Amazon, etc., but these days when you’re looking for something online, you’ll ‘Google it’ first. If you’re not found, you won’t be considered. You’re already out of the game because the customer doesn’t know you exist. Pink Jacket helps make sure you are “in the game” and deploying best practices so you’re invited to the search party. We want to optimize your brand to ensure that this scenario above does not happen or if it does, we work methodically to resolve it. At its core, there are two solutions, organic search, and paid search. SEO manages organic search, where potential clients key in a series of keywords into a search engine of choice.

Web Development with Intent

Say, for example, you have a business offering five services. Google, however, cannot make heads or tails of what your services are, nor how to recommend them to someone searching for such services. We would recommend you isolate all of your services, speak to them in a manner that Google can easily pick up, and tie them to your locality, and your brand. We want to work with various digital tools to ensure that search engines can find your website and share opportunities for keywords that are being searched often but perhaps not currently found on your website. This is development with intent. Knowing what a guest is searching for and speaking to that on your site is how we build your SEO.

Localization & Google My Business

If you’re a brick & mortar it’s incredibly important to ensure that when someone enters your business name, they find your business and are just a click away from hitting get directions. We work to ensure that all of your listings are accurate, reflect your business, and are optimized to ensure that when a guest needs to find your business online, they get it.