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    Comprehensive Digital Strategy
Making Your Website Work for You
Making Your Website Work for You

THE BASICS. We were tasked with taking our client’s existing website and making it more functional. There were many elements that weren’t working for them and one basic issue was to ensure everything rendered nicely on both desktop & mobile. It sounds simple but many websites on the internet have this issue of not being fully optimized for multiple device use.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Our next focus was to ensure that all 70 Bar Louie locations could be found within the site's internal location search. We were looking to ensure that customers get accurate location information by serving them a refined search result. This requires several components, both internally on the website as well as within Google Maps in order to achieve the desired results. Currently, the location component now ranks among the top 3 highest performing pages on the website for nearly a year. In short, if they want to go to your location, we want to ensure they can find it!

THE MENU. In reviewing site analytics, we discovered that the menu pages outperformed every other page on the site. This meant that folks were missing all of the promos and marketing that lives on the homepage. We resolved this problem by adding a banner to speak to guests about the highest value promos.

LOYALTY FUNCTIONALITY. One of Bar Louie’s largest promotions is their loyalty program that directs the customers to download their loyalty app on their mobile devices. Engaging guests with the app works functionally similar to email (but better) in that it allows your customers to select their favorite location, and by doing so, builds repeat business.

COCKTAILS FOR A CAUSE. Another goal for the site was to redevelop the "Cocktails for a Cause" page that could be updated periodically to align with various promotions associated with the charity. Now, we have a lot more functionality and flexibility than the previous build.

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