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Where LUV Comes From
Where LUV Comes From

Southwest Airlines is living proof that a company can be both fun and professional at the same time. Working with their team showed us that corporate doesn't have to mean boring, not by a long shot! Using their company pillars and core beliefs as a guide, we used themes like diversity, green initiatives, innovation, company history, and several other topics to form colorful and fun evironments.

Since this was a renovation in an existing building, it was also important that we adhered tightly to the employee move-in schedules. Through a mammoth team effort, we designed and executed all the centers on budget and on a timely basis. Our highlights for this project were many but the most memorable were the dedication spaces which involved the founders of Southwest, Airlines, one of which inlcuded a "laugh button" which included three of Herb Kelleher's laughs! If you get a chance to walk around these headquarters, make sure you see that. Also, make sure you see our office favorite, the Halloween Center.

10228 E Northwest Hwy PMB 10007 Dallas, TX 75238

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