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LUV to Learn!
LUV to Learn!

Designing a space for a client always involves learning all about their vibe and culture. So designing for Southwest Airlines' Learning & Training facility, was a lesson in projecting both their fun-luving side along with their serious side seamlessly. Whether it was an airplane cowling or a Southwest small-scale model airplane, we collaborated to achieve an outcome that is a series of eye-catching vignettes around every corner.

The designs for this building were done in quick order before the building even existed. Fortunately for us, Southwest and its culture has an abundance of inspirational material to work with and ideas flowed freely. Once the building was completed, we installed multiple floors at once making it the most efficient use of time. If you have an opportunity to experience these spaces in person, you will see that the many tactile elements integrated into our designs.

10228 E Northwest Hwy PMB 10007 Dallas, TX 75238
T: 713.248.3334

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