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How to Move a 63 year-old music Festival from in-person to Virtual
How to Move a 63 year-old music Festival from in-person to Virtual

March 2020 was a month that will be remembered for many things, but for the longest-continuously running jazz festival in the nation, the timing of the Covid-19 pandemic coincided with their renewal and 3-day ticket sales.

Pink Jacket had to work hand-in-hand with Monterey Jazz festival ticketing, operations, and marketing to develop refund and postponement plans for these ticket holders, and communicate to them on all digital channels. Additionally, Pink Jacket researched and presented virtual and streaming options to the Monterey Jazz Festival team so we could make an informed decision. This 63 year-old festival was committed to provide the MJF community with jazz programming, even if they could not do so in person and would offer it for free to their supporters.

Once the decision was made to utilize the MJF YouTube channel, the PJ team revamped the entire marketing strategy and tactics to fit the new path. Our KPI was now YouTube subscriptions. The paid social campaign was only one month long but the PJ created campaign netted over 410,000 views and reached nearly a quarter of a million people. Within a month, MJF YouTube channel gained enough views to become a YouTube partner. PJ team was responsible for the remote video production, editing a new series Welcome to the Sands Box, as well as the marketing rollout for email, social, website and the YouTube channel itself. From a starting point of 1,000 subscribers to over 9,700 in September meant the huge success of the first ever virtual Monterey Jazz Festival.

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