Social Media Marketing

Flowing into your Ocean

Think of all your social media channels driving your audience. All the rivers and streams you use flow into the ocean (your website). It’s essential that you track and analyze what channels bring the most flood of people directly to you.

Paid and Earned media via digital means can be tracked so you can understand the value of your marketing efforts.

And you need one strategy to rule them all.

Methodology and Discovery Process

DEFINE GOALS. At Pink Jacket, we believe a successful brand takes full advantage of the landscape it operates in. To succeed you must create a cohesive presence both online and through your interactions in real life (IRL) – a user experience & omnichannel messaging that all work in harmony to reinforce each and every goal.

STRATEGIES & TACTICS. Technology has made it possible to target an incredibly large audience that meets specific criteria and behaviors. Pink Jacket utilizes digital marketing tools like programmatic targeting, mobile delivery, cross-device targeting, database mining, and pixel and tag placement to track and analyze the customer journey from awareness to action.

ACTION PLANS. Data-driven insights provide a real look at performance – actual return on investment (ROI). Our analytics team at Pink Jacket tracks and analyzes data from every campaign (paid and earned) so we can help your team make the best decisions on what are the most efficient strategies that deliver actual results. And ultimately, present those reports to you each month so you can develop action
plans based on solid, real data.

What does social media do?

When the team at Pink Jacket develops a Social Media strategy, we understand these channels are “how you tell your story”. Ultimately, that story should be told in a way to bring about the most desired effect – how is this audience going to engage and will that lead to the action we want them to take?

Design and Branding. Whether your intent is to deepen the relationship with your biggest customers or attract new customers, your brand and the design of all your social and promotions (paid and earned) should speak with a clear, unmistakable voice.


Social Media can help you gain powerful allies that not only become your customers
but help share your story with their circle of influence.

Social users respond to brands who help them reach these goals:
  • Desire to accumulate
  • Preoccupation with social standing
  • Appreciation of feedback
  • Interest in connecting
  • Enjoyment of personalization

Driving leads with social media

Social media best practices:
  • Content is king
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Define what your audience needs from you
  • How to grow your audience
  • Organic posts vs Paid campaigns
  • The right message on the right channel
  • Tools you can use
  • How to create lead generation strategies
  • Using analytics and revising strategies
Content Strategy cohesion

Pink Jacket will create a content strategy and then work with you to write web-first content that you can load to your site, and then we can deploy on social and email.

It all works together

DESIGN & MESSAGING. Our design team works with your assets or creates new artwork to use for your website, email marketing, and social channels.

PAID CAMPAIGNS. If you have an event that needs additional promotion, our team will give you options and help make them successful

DATA AND ANALYSIS. Tracking and analyzing data, publicity, marketing efforts, loyalty – and where those
opportunities live