Comprehensive Digital Strategy

Digital vs. Traditional

What separates digital marketing from traditional marketing at its core are two aspects. One you’ve probably already guessed, digital is nearly (but not always) online. However, what can be overlooked is the second aspect, analytics & tracking. Imagine how rich the data would be if you could ask every single person who walked through your brick & mortar to fill out a questionnaire without interrupting their experience? We’re not quite at the level, but these days the technologies are close and this lets us become more precise with our recommendations for businesses both small & large. What if you found out that your general marketing message was appealing to men but found out that 70% of your purchases were made by women? It might affect your traditional strategy as well!

Closed Loop Strategy

Everyone who’s ever taken a Marketing 101 class sophomore year in college has probably taken a test with one of these charts on it. Conceptually it’s a great visual for how to construct your message (per your target audience) but we want to want to know a bit more than the concept. Closed Loop Strategy can have multiple meanings, but distilled to its most essential components, we want to know where a customer is on their journey with the brand. Do they perform all of the actions we want them to take? How can we keep continue to drive the lifelong value of this customer? We want to bring them back to the top of the funnel, and drop them in again. This is a true closed-loop strategy.

Analytics & Recommendations

At the end of the day, we all report to someone. In marketing, these calls usually boil down to a fundamental question, do I reinforce where I’m strong or do I shore up where I am weak? Given this, how it is possible to know the answer to this question if we don’t have the analytics to grant us this insight? Recommendations without data are simply an expression of our business experience at best and nothing more than guesses at their worst. Let’s ensure we close the loop on the insights, review the analytics rigorously, be curious, and build the case for how the business should proceed.

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