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    Comprehensive Digital Strategy
A Food & Beverage Restaurant Group
A Food & Beverage Restaurant Group

ARG is an innovative restaurant organization based in Dallas, Texas whose establishments include Oak, Pakpao Thai Food, El Bolero Cocina Mexicana and The Royale. The client came to Pink Jacket with a specific need – to completely redesign not only their restaurant group site, but all of their restaurants' websites.

Since the client already had previous websites created, the new design needed to feature all of the client's needs. The ability to show their portfolio of restaurants for the present, but also for the future. Another component is to feature a more user-friendly way for all of their restaurants’ customers to book private events and catering events through the new site.

10228 E Northwest Hwy PMB 10007 Dallas, TX 75238
T: 713.248.3334

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