What is Branding?

Many people believe that branding is a logo. That’s understandable if you look at the origin of the word. Branding literally originated from the act of burning an image onto livestock. So even though a logo is part of branding, it certainly is much more than that. Branding has evolved to mean the business of marketing a particular product, concept, service, or company so that your audience recognizes and identifies with it. Branding is the process of creating and “burning” an image in consumers’ minds.

Who Are You?

Every brand needs a brand personality, and each personality starts with a name. In the best scenario, there should be substantial consideration behind the naming of a company. You need thought put into your brand personality so that it conveys and creates a strong resonance and perception of your company values and attitudes. If your company already has a name, your audience needs to understand why it makes sense to be named what it is. What is the story behind it? People like to know this, and it helps your audience identify with it.


Visually Standing Out

Once you have a name, the next step would be to create the logo that will represent your brand personality. It is important to consider your competition as well as be clear to whom you’re appealing. Consider what makes your brand memorable or different from an ocean of brands and competitors. A logo should embody the essence of your product. Is your brand sincere, exciting, competent, sophisticated, rugged, or a combination of these? Those and many other questions need to be aligned with your brand personality so your customers to pick your brand out of a lineup and resonate with it.

In visualizing your brand, color is an essential consideration. Colors convey feelings and whether we’re conscious of it or not, they also have an identity within cultures. For example, think of the imagery that comes to you when you think of corporate blue. The fact that this particular blue has a name alone is an indication of how ingrained and ubiquitous it is in our culture. Think of red and brands that use red as their identifier. Your brain will conjure up a completely different set of logos than those in blue. Each color has its own distinct and highly relevant energy that we want to channel into a cohesive brand to ensure that your customers want to engage with it.

Where does a brand live?

We know a brand doesn’t live on a deserted island or we wouldn’t have a business! We need to be aware of the landscape in which our branding lives. What does the competitive environment look like and who lives, or wants to live, in this environment? These answers help us create a voice that speaks the language of our audience in the right tone because a brand is not just a catchy name with a good-looking logo identity.

Why do we need a Brand Personality?

Personifying your brand helps attract, keep, and grow your customer base. Building a relationship with your consumer gives your business the power to create brand loyalty which is always the desired consumer behavior a business wants. It’s important that your audience connects and remembers you first and often, so they return for repeat business again and again. In essence, you want your customers or clients to become your best friends! #BFF

Once the solid foundation has been set, we know we can now create strong marketing strategies that align with that brand personality. For example, if a business has a down-to-earth brand personality, we know we need to explore a color palette that’s not too flashy, keep superfluous design elements to a minimum and follow messaging using a no-nonsense, honest tone. We then place the promotions where our clients live, in the times we determine are best seen by them. Our holistic approach works in a multi-prong manner to shoot for the highest success for your business. This means something unique for every client but the good news is that we have a lot of experience working with unique brands. Let’s talk!

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