Pink Jackets – Summer Edition

I was getting a burger the other day & the NBA 2023 Draft was on television. Looking at the panel I saw ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith talking about picks. I couldn’t actually hear anything he was saying, I’m sure it was as bombastic as his television persona tends to be, but what really caught my attention was his glorious pink suit jacket. It made me reflect on our Pink Jacket story.

“…We noticed that whenever someone tried on the jacket, something happened to them. They became more boisterous, more extroverted and more approachable. Brandscaping has the same effect on our clients’ brands, so we named the shop Pink Jacket.”

It was the living embodiment of our core philosophy and because I am chronically online & enjoy juxtaposition conceptually, I asked the team to launch, The Pink Jacket Summer Draft. And the picks are in.


Ryan’s Pick

Stephen A. Smith NBA Draft 2023

Two things stand out to me. First, that’s a good-looking jacket. For those curious, yes, we have a pink jacket in the office and it’s kept somewhere dark to ensure that it doesn’t fade, but this one basically jumps off the screen.

Stephen A. Smith NBA Draft Panel

Second is how he jumps off the screen. Sports isn’t known for being subtle, but against a screen of information & general busyness, Stephan A. stands out. It’s our philosophy in action. I loved it.

Marilyn’s Pick

I had a split pick but I’m gonna go with Zendaya, already an icon, but absolutely embodying the look at Paris Fashion Week 2022 representing Valentino.

Zendaya in Pink

My alt pick is Ryan Gosling in this pink Carhartt-looking number is a close second. Fresh off of promotion for Barbie, a film that created a short of pink paint, this is a look we can believe in.

Ryan Gosling in pink Carhartt

Amy’s Pick

I may be stuck in the pre-2000’s, but Rick Astley recently covered The Smiths, Harry Styles, AND AC/DC at Glastonbury. The guy is so much more than “Never Gonna Give You Up”. And you can trust in us, we’re not…Rick Rolling you (we would never). 🙃


For your viewing pleasure, an incredible moment from our internet hero, decked out in pink.

Elena’s Pick

Another split pick (decision-making is hard when there are so many incredible choices!) I present, the iconic Billy Porter at the Golden Globes. Authenticity is a key to his success and pink gets the job done!


I also loved Seth Rogen looking Superbad & making a major impression in head-to-toe powder pink.

Seth Rogan Pink Jacket

All of this to say, what’s your favorite of the picks? Who wore it best or do you have a contender for our line-up? Reach out we’d love to know!


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