Get Ready for Summer

2023 is flying by! It’s already Q2 and we are all ready for those warmer, summer months. Have you made your game plan for your business’s summer marketing strategy? We are here to work with our client’s strategies, and we want to help champion your business to get those discretionary dollars through your door.

Despite a rocky economy, consumers are still spending, and prioritizing those extra dollars on experiences – exciting restaurants, trendy bars, popular festivals. Since we specialize in working with restaurants, bars, events, and the live music industry, here are a few quick ideas for marketing this summer.

Restaurants & Bars


> Reach out to running clubs or bike clubs: these groups often need a common meeting point to grab food and drinks after their weekly or monthly events.

> Yoga classes: if a yoga studio is in a nearby area, you could offer vouchers for morning weekend classes to drive that early traffic.

> Seasonal events: Movies on the lawn, speakeasy nights, themed events for holidays like the 4th of July. Any type of unique one-off or recurring event is a great way to get new eyes looking at you. Always have something upcoming on your calendar to give people an excuse to RSVP and get out when the weather is nice this Summer. Share out via social, email, and your site.

Festivals & Venues


> Collaborate with artists, performers, and vendors for your event. Organize shareable content that they can spread to their audiences through tagging or re-sharing.

> Always take opportunities to share content from years past showing prospective ticket buyers what they can expect at your event.

> Incentivize email signups, via Constant Contact or Mailchimp, through giveaways of merch or tickets. Your email marketing initiatives are only as good as the quality and size of your list.

> Call for people to share their experiences as well, a genuine testimonial from a fan is worth sharing with people that are new to your brand.

Look through some of the work we’ve done for our clients and reach out to work together! The minds at Pink Jacket would love to craft a custom strategy for your business of any size.

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