Effective Ads for Meta

Ads on Meta are key for all sizes of businesses. After all, you don’t just want to speak to the people who are already in your circle. If growth is important to you, we want to help you explore all the ways in which Pink Jacket can help you to leverage ads for your business. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Growth ads

You’re essentially inviting people to a party they weren’t aware of before. You can grow your social audiences this way. Say something funny or ask a question that makes people pause and consider your brand. Go count every post you scroll past on Facebook today. On average every 3-4 posts you will be served an ad on your timeline. Which ones do you actually notice or interact with? Take note.

Traffic ads –

Like a get-in-free offer – often accompanied by a first-time discount with opt-in to email and sms. It’s important to notice how often we get these as well. How many websites have you subscribed to email from this exact method? The top funnel is working overtime here, so how can you make it work harder for you? Get a solid discount and glossy product photos and contact growth shall be yours.

Promo posts –

This is your hype man – show off content you’re proud of to people who have never seen you before. Show them the most important thing you want newbies to experience first about your brand. Video is your best bet. A sizzling steak, a screaming crowd, a product highlight reel, this is where you recap every great thing that has ever happened and slam it into the perfect tidbit of content that can be mass-shared. 

Conversion ads –

Bring your action words and direct them to whatever discount you are SURE is gonna bring them to the other side of cart indecision. Throw that final hour promotion in to get them to fill in a contact form. All that’s left is to get them to a single action of your choice on your site. To track this ad and others Pink Jacket will help in placing a Facebook Pixel on your site. Data is key to determining success here.

Retargeting ads –

They’ve seen your stuff, and they got close to converting, but it got lost in their crowd of 100 open tabs. They’ll be excited to explore and consider again. Include an offer with a concise tagline to entice them back in and show them what they’re missing. 

Event Ads – 

Bonk interested people over the head with the fact that they need to act now. Show off all the facets of your event to people and get them to hit the interested button. They’ll be reminded courtesy of Facebook up until your event. Get that ticket button front and center. 

Store Ads –

The purpose here is to direct people to a brick-and-mortar. If there isn’t an option for people to take online, then inspire them to interact #IRL – This could look like a “Get Directions” call to action, or a phone number.

Claim-Offer Ads –

This is where your discount strategy comes in, get people to convert simply by promoting an offer that’s too good to pass up.

App Installs –

If you have an app you want your audience to install, you can also promote it here.


Here are some examples of solid ads on Meta, in no particular order, and why they are well-crafted:


This Babbel ad has a clear value proposition for prospective app purchasers. The copy is concise and clear.


Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond utilized the Carousel Ad format to create a visual narrative for a new product launch. This space is often used to showcase merchandise, but it becomes more engaging in this respect.



This event ad works great to show the “when, where, what”. It features a photo of the actual event as well, making it easy for curious eyes to click “interested”. Event ads are absolutely key for promoting ticket sales or RSVPs. Events need to reach a larger audience, not just those who have liked your page.


Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club has taken a disruptive stance against retail markups for women’s razors in these ads. It’s a simple way to point out that the value ad is baked into their product offerings.



Briogeo shows off its product in a way that feels natural to the visual nature of Instagram. Copy needs a great photo or graphic to bounce off of.  These would make excellent posts to boost.



Humor and a free offer for dog owners. These ads are very hard to just scroll by the first time you see them.



This is a great example of a use case for retargeting. Vacation bookings are often a purchase that takes a much longer time for customers to research and consider options before conversion. A continuous reminder is sure to get them back on your site to book when it’s time to commit to a trip itinerary.

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