The Power of Branding

Branding sometimes feels extremely conceptual. Its value is not as tangible as a product or service. But while a solid logo or packaging is critical to branding success, a brand personality and voice is extremely important in creating an impactful impression. A Power of Branding victory has caught our attention. Liquid Death, a canned water brand, is a great example of bold branding that caught fire in the highly competitive water category.

The video goes through the ins and outs of Liquid Death’s back story, less about the product and more about the how and why. Selling water isn’t a wholly original idea, far from it. It’s a saturated market with massively deep-pocket players such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc. Why would anyone look to a red ocean scenario and run to it? We’re not talking about water, we’re talking about Branding. Liquid Death has taken on a brand identity, infused with humor, an idealogy, and has committed to it, fully. They’re not playing safe and are being rewarded for taking that chance. Most everything about the brand is about walking the fine line between being ridiculous, cool, and most importantly, NOT being like everyone else in the field.

Not every brand can be super edgy or metal nor should it be, but at Pink Jacket, we firmly believe that standing out in a clever, calculated way that makes sense to your target market, can give you the best chance to make an impactful impression. Selling water is not a novel idea, so we see this as a real-world example that is all about smart branding, positioning, and finding your niche. And what did taking calculated chances get Liquid Death? A 700 million dollar valuation in their latest round of funding, making them the most successful non-alcoholic beverage in recent history. That’s impressive any way you look at it!

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