Graphic Design. more than aesthetics.

Many people don’t fully understand Graphic Design or what a Graphic Designer does. Some think we draw or do cool stuff all day. We sometimes illustrate and do things that could be considered cool, but most of our time involves creative problem-solving. We start with the client’s objective and target audience and go from there.

Design with Purpose

The first thing a graphic designer needs to know is the parameter of a job.
For example:

    • What does the client need their graphic design assignment to achieve?
    • What does the client want their customers to do?
    • And who are we targetting?
    • Working within the client’s brand, we can solve our creative puzzle within the timeline allotted.


Problem Solvers

Designers have several tools and magic tricks up their wizard sleeves, and we’re not afraid to use them! That is, if the client, budget, and the universe allow it. Designers like to entertain themselves with new and different ways of solving problems visually. We gather our required elements for the particular task and explore possibilities until we hit something that excites us and also fits the client’s objective. Can’t forget that!

Increase Your Sales

Ultimately, the job of a graphic designer is to help guide and entice your target market through a piece of attractive graphic design, resulting in sales. Whether we employ the clever use of visual elements, a witty headline using great typography, a sweet offer, quick and easy functionality, or all the above to get it done, it’s all up to the designer’s imagination within the constraints of the job. Good graphic design helps your business’s chances of being memorable and being seen. The evidence shows in repeat customers and increased sales.

Our people at Pink Jacket do lots of cool things. But we never do things just because they’re cool. Our clients hire us because our creative work helps you accomplish things. Great things. And we love that.


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