The Heart of the Matter

The heart is at the center of everything that matters. It is the fundamental and central theme of what we do. We could fulfill pointless tasks for clients, but we wouldn’t be successful in achieving results.

We strive to create repeat business, working with clients to become loyal partners. By becoming a team, we aim to work efficiently in the same direction. We want to help realize your vision and in doing so, help you achieve your goals.

One of the reasons we have long-term clients that come back to us again and again for solutions is because we understand that for you to succeed, we must understand the essential basics of your brand goals.

Recently, we finalized designing and executing a glowing red heart for Southwest Airlines’ headquarter offices. Anyone who knows that brand knows that the heart has very much been a central theme in their corporate culture. Bringing a glowing heart into the main office will undoubtedly remind everyone of what they are about in a single focal statement. The installation is not just a logo, it is Southwest’s basic foundation.

Working as a team with in-house designers, we created a cohesive environment reinforcing their brand’s personality. And when you talk about a brand with personality, Southwest Airlines is at the top of the list. They never want to be shy about their big old heart!

Over the years, Pink Jacket has partnered with the fine folks at Southwest to build unique design features at their corporate headquarters to reinforce their commitment to their employees, mission, and customers. Our latest art installation in the Executive Lobby harkened back to co-founder Herb Kelleher’s vision of the airline that began as a note on a napkin. When you talk about the “heart” of a company, it doesn’t get any more personal than that.

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