Kickstart Your Content

Big mistakes happen when people start talking about content marketing. Quantity over quality and tired, last-minute pushes that do nothing to attract a prospect or customer come to the top of mind. Time to break out the content calendar.

Here are six simple content tips to help you kickstart your content and prevent writer’s block:

  1. Create an official Content Calendar. Use a web-based application or document so everyone can access the calendar. This is where your plan lives 365 days a year.
  2. Become a content collector. Every chance you get to create a video, save photos, grab user-generated content, or build your own templates – grab it now for later use! The more you have saved, the less you must dig when you need it. No minimalism here. Be a hoarder because you just might need that random photo a year from now.
  3. No matter what platform you are on, (Yes, even TikTok) there will be a creator in your niche who is killing it. Take notes and extrapolate what ideas could be relevant for your brand and audience.
  4. Pinpoint what you have to offer on social media. The internet is overflowing with half-baked content. Focus on QUALITY over quantity and you will stand out. Humorous takes, inspiring stories, #BTS of creating your product, industry knowledge or educational videos, artist collabs. These are all great places to start.
  5. An easy one, but this can get overlooked: all your marketing funnels should be intertwined. Anything that is happening on your site, through email marketing, or upcoming events should reflect on social media. Pre-plan at minimum a month ahead, but if you can get your year or quarter lined up, you’ll be starting off on the right path.
  6. Embrace and use the Content Calendar religiously. The worst strategy is to try and MacGyver a coherent post together at the final hour.


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