Modern Midwifery

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    Comprehensive Digital Strategy
A compassionate, approachable, and encouraging provider
A compassionate, approachable, and encouraging provider

This client-centered midwifery practice needed a full brand design and digital presence to express the devotion they have to this model of care. As a healthcare provider to women, these certified nurse-midwives proudly support women in all stages of their lives - from labor and birth to ongoing wellness and menopause.

A caring, nurturing, family-centered concierge-style practice like Modern Midwifery relied on Pink Jacket to develop a brand guide easily identifiable with their vision and mission. The website and brand reflect their high-level of care and make it easy for women searching for these solutions to understand Modern Midwifery’s dedication to their clients.

10228 E Northwest Hwy PMB 10007 Dallas, TX 75238
T: 713.248.3334

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