El Bolero Cocina Mexicana

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Authentic, Regional Mexican Concept.
Authentic, Regional Mexican Concept.

El Bolero is an authentic, regional Mexican concept that draws the inspiration for its food and beverage menu from the diverse regions of Mexico. In both the beverage and food program, we use fresh, high quality ingredients to create delicious made from scratch dishes that are inspired by recipes found across the vast and diverse locales of Mexico.

When Pink Jacket began the El Bolero site, the client was actually in the middle of changing the restaurant's aesthetic. This website took a little longer to complete, as there were so many unknowns for us to deisgn around. However, once the client saw the first concept design for the El Bolero website, they loved the use of colors, pattern, and textures working together in order to allow what they saw for the restaurant, come to life. The new site also needed the functionally and capacity for additional future (and individually unique) El Bolero locations.

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