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Prime109 Steak & Libation House

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Finely Crafted Steaks & Cocktails
Finely Crafted Steaks & Cocktails

What started as a Bennigan’s Irish pub-themed casual restaurant, is now transformed into a brand new Steak & Libation House, Prime 109. This new, fine dining restaurant was created by Chef Andy Revella, who brought in our creative team to redo the branding and interior work for this restaurant concept.

Prime109 is located in Fremont California, and will be opening their 2nd location late 2017. So if you’re ever in the Bay area, be sure to stop by and experience the difference in flavor a bone-in Rib Eye makes, and of course how we transformed an Irish pub into a brand new Steakhouse.

10228 E Northwest Hwy PMB 10007 Dallas, TX 75238
T: 713.248.3334

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