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Pi Squared Pizza Tavern

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(Life With Pizza) > (Life Without Pizza)
(Life With Pizza) > (Life Without Pizza)

The family of Pi Squared made their lifetime dreams come true when they opened their very own Midwest style Pizza in Denton, Texas. Their math-influenced backgrounds are truly reflected in the theme of the restaurant interior and in the kitchen. (Yes, their pizza is cut into squares!)

Pink Jacket took on the family start-up to help launch Pi Squared with all the essentials. By refreshing their logo, designing the complete branding,  menus, mathematician employee shirts, and marketing collateral fit for a pizza nerd. The Pink Jacket team helped consult with the architecture firm and client during the build-out process to designate paint, finishing, and lastly environmental design pieces in the restaurant.

1300 S Polk St, #249
Dallas, Texas 75224
T: 713.248.3334

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