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62nd Monterey Jazz Festival

  • Branding
  • Responsive Websites & Apps
    Responsive Websites & Apps
  • Comprehensive Digital Strategy
    Comprehensive Digital Strategy
  • Purposeful Graphic Design
    Purposeful Graphic Design
  • Data-driven Insights
    Data-driven Insights
  • Marketing Consulting
    Marketing Consulting
Driving Attendance. Complete Design both Online and IRL.
Driving Attendance. Complete Design both Online and IRL.

Jazz is a truly American artform, and the Monterey Jazz Festival has been keeping that tradition alive for over six decades. Our team worked to establish a definitive design and blueprint for the year.

From strategy to implementation and, finally, through to festival weekend and beyond, our all-embracing plan propelled audiences to buy tickets, donate, and otherwise engage with the Monterey Jazz Festival brand. This organization supports jazz education and provides young musicians an opportunity to grow their musicianship.

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