Paid Search & Social

Paid Search

When we talk about Paid Search, we can be real, we’re talking about Google. If you think that Google become a billion-dollar business by allowing people to game the most sophisticated search engine in the world for free, you may want to reconsider that position. When we build paid search ads, we do so with intent and back it up with reporting and data to ensure the business gets a positive ROI. Beyond that, we do not simply monitor and report, but actively work to optimize, fine-tune, and seek opportunities to expand, or in some cases, conquest a competitor.

And if your firm is already in a good place on Google, there’s always Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and other search engines out there to ensure your brand never goes unrecognized.

Paid Social

Remember the days when going viral on social media was an achievement of great creative and content? We do too, but unfortunately, Social Media got hip to that and now they charge for this kind of success. Think about that the next time you see the latest dance craze and some of the crazy hashtags that surround it. Being on top of Social media is a full-time job and it requires understanding each platform, where to optimize, and, most importantly, where your audience is. Once we determine these aspects and have our own super cool dance craze, we’ll know where to go viral ourselves and engage an audience who is wanting more from your bran