Email Marketing

Who Are These Emails for Anyway?

Sending messages for the sake of sending messages is typically a bad strategy. It’s best to reconsider the platform for what it is. Email marketing is opt-in marketing by law, meaning that someone has to give the business their email address and click “Subscribe” to be opt’d into the messaging.

Through that lens, we are actually looking at a pool of folks who actively want information from the business. Who doesn’t want to talk to people who are already positioned to be the most engaged customers?

The Power of Segmentation

Not everyone should be getting 100% the same message over time. If your message becomes cookie cutter, then why would a customer subscribe? These are after all the most engaged customers but it’s important to meet there where they are & give them the right message at the right time, take this example. Ever changed all of your plans on a Friday night at 6 pm to go to a local show at 7 pm? Probably not, but if we craft that message with enough time to make arrangements then we might be able to capture that ticket for your show!

Beyond that, perhaps we can’t get them on the first time out, but it’s always a good time to remind them of all of the upcoming events in case they’re interested. Even better, with a little data, we can only show them shows in their region. Clever segmentation can make this small channel mighty with a healthy ROI for the business.