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You Cannot Eat at This Restaurant. Really. No, Seriously. Why?
You Cannot Eat at This Restaurant. Really. No, Seriously. Why?

Because it doesn’t exist. The funny thing about the design business is that more than half of our work never sees the light of day. Actually, that number is closer to 70%. Why is that? Well, it’s simple math really. Let’s say we show a client three conceptual designs. The client selects one of the concepts. We move ahead on that and the other two just go away. It’s part of the process.

Sometimes these leftovers are interesting. We think that’s the case with Tamollys Fresh Mex Grill. Even though you will never dine there, if you did you’d be wowed by the appetite-inspiring branding work. I mean seriously, I’m looking at the logo while I write this copy and I’m jonesing hard for a chimichanga. Oh, and some deskside guacamole. Oh, and a margarita. On the rocks. With salt.

1300 S Polk St, #214
Dallas, Texas 75224
T 713.248.3334

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