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When It Comes to Your Restaurant's Website, Results Rule!
When It Comes to Your Restaurant's Website, Results Rule!

Through the years, we’ve done a lot of work for Fogo de Chão and helped them achieve tremendous international success. We approach every job we do from a strategic position of how the job will contribute to the overall success of our client. For example, we designed the Fogo website 
for flexibility and monetization, as these were two strong needs. The homepage allows for quick 
and easy changes via the content management system. Every element can be changed on the fly allowing promotions to change rapidly. We also built a custom deployment system for adding new locations. This greatly reduces the time to add a new location and generates a checklist to ensure everything has been done thoroughly. Last, but not least, we built the site to be an easy-to-use portal for gift card sales. What happened? Gift Card sales increased over 600% with the new site virtually overnight.

After successful deployment of we developed a companion mobile site. The mobile site has been a tremendous workhorse for the Fogo brand. Many of their guests are business travelers. And, within two months of launching the mobile site mobile unique visitors increased five fold, driving measurable reservation increases. And that’s how you get crazy ROI on your website.

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