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Connecting Andean women with global markets
Connecting Andean women with global markets

Awamaki is dedicated to, and enthusiastic about giving Andean women access to income as the best way to reduce poverty. We have dedicated and enthusiastic designers who can help facilitate and attract doners and volunteers for this very worthy cause. Together with the client, we developed a total rebrand giving them a more modernized, professional look.

The logo was our starting point. It features a woman looking down at her child. The woman is framed within a classic Andean architectural shape which also creates an "A" silhouette. Since the woman and child are at the heart of the Awamaki's mission, we felt it was a perfect feel for their fresh new look.

From the logo, we created brand standards and developed a user-friendly website to better represent Awamaki. Organizing the content-heavy site was our biggest challenge. We catagorized, prioritized and streamlined our content making it more navigation friendly. To keep it from looking so content-heavy, we broke up the site with rich, colorful photography. Contrasting against the bright photography, we used neutral cool tones to keep it from looking too busy. Every detail was inspired by the women and their hand-made weaves, including the tiny little icons that were incorporated throughout. This was truly a labor of love.

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