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We are a boutique advertising and design firm in Dallas that specializes in effective digital strategies. Every single thing we design has purpose, and that purpose is to enhance your brand.


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A successful brand takes full advantage of the landscape it operates in. To succeed you must create cohesive physical surroundings, virtual presence, printed materials, social buzz and media messaging that all work in harmony to reinforce your brand´s personality. We call it Brandscaping™ and it´s what we do.

environmental graphic designenvironmental graphic design

The interior look and feel of your physical space is a huge part of your brand. From top restaurants to high-profile corporate headquarters, our team has the experience to help you.

web & mobile websitesweb & mobile websites

At Pink Jacket Studio, our in-house web design team understands more than just design and development, they are experts in making your interactive presence fit into your overall brand strategy.

social media greatnesssocial media greatness

Social media campaigns must begin with a solid strategy. Too often we see companies simply turn over their social media to a young intern or junior staffer. Think about that for a minute.

graphic designgraphic design

Design without purpose is just decoration. Our graphic designers are skilled communications professionals who know how to get attention and engage your audience.

advertising creativeadvertising creative

We create ads that cut through the clutter, generate extreme engagement and move the needle. That's about all we have to say about that.

buzz marketingbuzz marketing

We didn't write the book on buzz marketing, but we're prominently featured in it. Right now, in over 300 Universities in 26 countries advertising students are studying Pink Jacket's buzz marketing techniques.

Pink Jacket Studio

Our first client was in the fashion industry and they gave us a pink jacket as a lark. That day, everyone on our staff donned the pink jacket and struck outrageous poses. We noticed that whenever someone tried on the jacket, something happened to them. They became more boisterous, more extroverted and more approachable. Brandscaping has the same effect on our clients' brands, so we named the shop Pink Jacket.

Southwest Airlines

What happens when mechanics & engineers get together with graphic designers and they want to have fun?

Cutie Patootie

With a name so cute, so should it's branding.

Prime109 Steak & Libation House

Do you know your cuts of meat? This Steakhouse knows the difference.

Pie Five
Pizza Co

PJS was invited into the circle of crust to help Pie Five design their in-store identity.

Southwest Airlines HDQ

The funnest headquarter environment, EVER! And we helped make it that way.

Southwest Training Center

Designing for an airline with a fun attitude is amazing. Designing with airplane parts is beyond!

Cube Convenience Store

It's a convenience store plus a drive through restaurant all in one. How convenient!

Morton’s & Diane’s Diner

A charming small town diner and convenience store with a big history

Three Stacks Smoke & Tap House

How about a little beer with your BBQ?

Rockfish Seafood Restaurant

They serve fish. They rock!

Bison Jack's

Did we really dress up college kids as buffalos on bikes?

Sugar Skull Café

Visually interpreting Mexico City street food for a Dallas audience. ¡Muy Bueno!


The freshest ingredients need design that is equally fresh. Oh, and fun.


Click here to learn why you cannot eat at this restaurant.


The best burgers in Virginia deserve some award-winning design love.

State Farm

PJS ensures the insurer is pleased with their new ginormous office complex.


The people at Pink Jacket Studio do lots of cool things. But we never do things just because they´re cool. Our clients hire us because our creative work helps them accomplish things. Great things. And we love that.


Not everyone looks good in pink. But, for those who want their brand messages and design to stand out, a nicely tailored pink jacket does the trick. Here are a few brands that the jacket fits nicely.

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